The Cosmos

Additional material on the Cosmos for my FYS class

  • Astronomy picture of the Day
  • 3d Atlas of the Universe (video)
  • Limits to exploring the cosmos
  • What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy?
  • World Science Festival Multiverse debate. This discussion includes the topic of whether space is finite or infinite, but also covers several other topics in modern cosmology (More about the World Science Festival here)
  • An article (in The Atlantic a non-science magazine) about a recent conference on Time in the Cosmos (closely related to the reading in chapter 5)
  • The Universe in a Nutshell (Michio Kaku, recommended by a student)
  • Did dark energy go away (recommended by a student)?
  • See also
  • Recommended by a student:
  • My slides from my Oct 1 Alumni talk at the Lowell Observatory in AZ. (To be presented in the 11/22 class)
  • My thoughts on the (discredited) claims from 2014 that primordial gravity waves had been observed.