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Professor of Physics, UC Davis


I am a Theoretical Physicist who studies the Early Universe, Cosmic Structure, Dark Energy and related topics. I am also the Chair of the UC Davis Department of Physics

Contact Information: +1 530 752 5989, ajalbrecht@ucdavis.edu, Office: 175 Physics

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Department of Physics
One, Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

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BICEP2, Gravity Waves and Galactic Dust (personal reflections)

Origin of Probabilities and the Multiverse (here)

Cosmic Inflation, arrow of time, Boltzmann Brains (here)

Dark Energy Task Force and follow-up work (here)

The Clock Ambiguity (here)

        The Quantum Universe

         My  TEDxUCDavis talk from May 19, 2012

         Comment on Fundamental Physical Constants

Productivity Premium: The "Baumol Effect" or "cost disease" is a major economic force that can dramatically impact the cost of education and many other important things. Here is my attempt to explain it.

           Open Data/Open Skies:  The 2014 Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee (which I chaired) produced this report which includes these Principles of Access.

            Physics problems in a global social network 


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