Dark Energy Task Force (DETF) and follow up work

In 2005 the Dark Energy Task Force (DETF) was established to advise NSF, NASA and DOE on the future of dark energy research. You an find more about this group (on which I served) and see the final report at the DETF web site, or on the ArXiv.

I have been involved in several projects that extend the DETF work in various ways:

* In this conference paper I give an overview of DETF report and the above follow-up work: arxiv.org/0710.0867

* Using PCA analysis demonstrate the ability of future experiments to discriminate among different scalar field models: arxiv.org/0804.0413

* Joint Dark Energy Mission Figure of Merit Science Working Group report: arxiv.org/0901.0721

For a wider audience

Article about the DETF in Symmetry magazine