Homework and Exam Structure and Policies

The following assignments are planned for the course (adjustments may be made as the quarter progresses)

HW1: Assigned 1/6, due 1/15 5pm

HW2: Assigned 1/15, due 1/22 3pm

HW3: Assigned 1/22, due 1/29 3pm

HW4: Assigned 1/29, due 2/5 3pm

HW5: Assigned 2/5, due 2/12 3pm

Take-home midterm exam: Assigned 2/13 due 2/20 10:20am

HW6: Assigned 2/19, due 2/26 3pm

HW7: Assigned 2/26, due 3/4 3pm

HW8: Assigned 3/4, due 3/11 3pm

Take-home final exam: Assigned Wed 3/11, due Wed 3/18 12:30pm

Policy on collaboration: Students are encouraged to discuss the HW and exams together as they work on them. The goal is to maximize what each student learns from this course, perhaps at the expense of the course grade not attempting to make a "high precision measurement of individual achievement". I hope your sense of achievement will come from your own awareness of how much you have truly learned, and I expect you will find your interactions with fellow students valuable in many ways. But it is important that each individual student turn in material that ultimately reflects their own work and understanding. If concerns emerge, the TA and I reserve the right to discuss papers turned in with the students to make sure the student actually understands the material turned in.