Phy 262 required and recommeded texts

Required Text: The Early Universe (Kolb and Turner) Addison Wesley (This is an old book, but it still gives the best treatment of certain topics. I will supplement it with my own notes and other materials to provide up-to-date content.)

Other books that might be useful:

Physical Foundations of Cosmology V. Mukhanov. This is an excellent modern textbook with a lot of good material on cosmological perturbations from inflation.

Introduction to Cosmology (B. Ryden) ISBN 0805389121 Much lower level and more accessible than K&T. Many students find going back and forth between this book and K&T very useful.

Cosmology (S. Weinberg) (Oxford University Press, USA) ISBN-10: 0198526822, ISBN-13: 978-0198526827.

Modern Cosmology (S. Dodelson) ISBN 0122191412. This book has been the main text for Phy 263, but also contains material relevant for this class.

A Cosmology Notebook: (L. Knox) An new online textbook currently under development, targeting advanced undergrads: