Unable to register?

The FYS program has strict limits on the class size for first year seminars. This is to ensure the seminars provide an small seminar experience for those who are enrolled. I am unable to informally add students off the waitlist to increase the class size, and we are not allowed to have students "sit in" on the class. If you are unable to secure a place in my seminar, there are many other ways you can connect with this material at UCD. Some examples are given on this page. (And of course there are also other first year seminars to consider.)

Students who wish to obtain a PTA for this class should know that registration is managed by the FYS program to limit class size and prioritize first year students.  Joining with a PTA is very unlikely in my experience, but happens on rare occasions once the quarter has started if a registered student has to drop the class.  To reuqest a PTA number you should write to Janet Chambers of the FYS program (jachambers@ucdavis.edu) and also cc me (ajalbrecht@ucdavis.edu).  (My approval will also be necessary for a PTA number to be assigned.)