Course Goals

In my view the deepest value in attending college is to nurture your curiosity and your confidence in facing the unknown. A typical college course does not always emphasize these aspects, yet even for those courses it can be a huge help if you can develop these qualities within yourself.

The main goal of this seminar is to help each student nurture their curiosity and confidence when facing the unknown, regardless of their background and main interests. Along the way we will gain experience having discussions among individuals with diverse background and perspectives, and we will learn about how science works.

The fact that we will be studying some of the most profound scientific questions humans have faced, should make all this a lot of fun!

To better facilitate these goals, the course is graded on a strictly pass/nopass basis, and the assignments are set up to offer the student diverse ways of responding to the material. Any student who engages with the class will not have a problem passing, and can focus on the full intellectual experience without worrying about grades.