Course overview

Phy 155 is a course on General Relativity for advanced undergraduate Physics and Astronomy students. I plan the course to be technically challenging, and assume students have a strong background in Special Relativity.

Class Meetings: TR 10:30-11:50 Rm1060 Bainer hall

Instructor: Prof. Andreas Albrecht (

TA: Arsalan Adil (

Office Hours: Albrecht: Friday 9:45-11:45 (Rm 429 Physics); Adil: Monday 1-2, (in Roessler 158)

Additional Meeting Times: If you cannot make regular office hours, or would like a chance to discuss a matter individually, please contact Albrecht or Adil to arrange a meeting.

Required Text: Spacetime and Geometry (Carroll)

Topics: We will systematically work through chapters 2-4 of Carroll (chapter 1 is Special Relativity and should already be familiar to the students). Parts of Carroll can be quite formal, and I may try to deemphasize those somewhat. Based on where we stand at that point, I will select among applications such as black holes, gravity waves and cosmology to round out the course. This is my first time teaching the course, and will make adjustments to the course plan as we go along.