Homework Assignments

Unless otherwise stated, homework will be assigned every Friday and will be due a week later.  Watch for an annoucement on Canvas about which electronic submission scheme we will use.  Contact the TA about any issues with the deadline. 

HW1 [Updated 1/17 with a hint]  (Assigned 1/12, Due 1/19) Solutions

HW2 (Assigned 1/19, Due 1/26) Solutions

HW3 (Assigned 1/26 Due 2/3) Solutions

HW4 (Assigned 2/3, Due 2/10) Solutions

HW5 (Assigned 2/10, Due 2/17) Solutions

HW6 (Assigned 2/24, Due 3/3) Solutions

HW7 (Assigned 3/3, Due 3/10) Solutions

HW8 (Assigned 3/10, Due 3/17) Solutions