Homework Assignments

HW1: Assigned 1/6, due 1/15 3pm Posted here (Solutions here)

HW2: Assigned 1/15 due 1/22 3pm Posted here (Solutions here)

HW3: Assigned 1/22 due 1/29 3pm Posted here (Solutions here)

HW4: Assigned 1/29 due 2/5 3pm Posted here (Assignment changed 2/4, 7:30pm, see annotations in red on the HW sheet. Further changes 2/5 shown in blue.) (Solutions here)

HW5: Assigned 2/5 due 2/12 Posted here (Solutions here, including mathematica notebook)

HW6: Assigned 2/19 due 2/26 Posted here (Solutions here)

HW7: Assigned 2/26, due 3/4 Posted here (Solutions to Problem 7.1 here solutions to 7.2 and 7.3 here)

HW8: Assigned 3/4, due 3/11 Posted here (corrected 3/12, see 3/12 email about the details) (Solutions)