Physics 262: Early Universe Cosmology

**NOTE** These pages were used in Winter Quarter 2017.

I will not be teaching Phy 262 in the 17-18 Academic year.

Instructor: Andreas Albrecht

Office Hour: Friday's 10-11am and by appointment. **No office hour Jan 20 and Feb 10

Normal class meeting time: 2:10-3:30 TR. Rm 185

Topics Covered: Big Bang Cosmology, Nucleosynthesis, Dark Matter, Dark Energy/Cosmic Acceleration, Cosmic Inflation. (Cosmic structure formation will be mentioned briefly, but that is mainly the domain of Phys 263)

Course Grade: Based entirely on homework. There is no reader assigned to this course and the grading of the homework will be very broad brush. If there is something you do not understand it is your responsibility to engage with me or fellow students to improve your understanding. The issue will not necessarily be caught through detailed grading of the homework.

Homework: Homework will normally be assigned every Tuesday and is due the Wednesday of the following week. Assignments will be posted on the Canvas system, and you must turn in homework on that system as well. It is fine to write up non-computational parts of you homework by hand if you wish (and submit a scanned or photo version). Each week's homework will be given equal weight in the final grade unless otherwise specified. Matlab is the required computer language for the homework. I provide you with sample files and hints as needed, so students do not find that learning Matlab an onerous part of this course.

Collaboration: Students are encouraged to collaborate on their homework if it is helpful. However, each student is responsible for understanding thoroughly everything they turn in.